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Our philosophy is based on mutual and useful cooperation with our partners - leading companies, institutions or experts.

Patrons of Franchise Club

For our activities there is an important position for PATRON, who supports our activities and contributes to the development of franchising in the Czech Republic. Thank you!

Nielsen, a global research and analytics company that provides the most comprehensive and trusted insight into consumers and markets across the globe.


Patron of Franchise Club, it is a law firm Zilvarová Ctibor Hladký, which specializes in legal advice and services in franchising, mostly in the preparation of draft contracts and developing franchise systems and networks including master franchising.


Product patron of Franchise Clubu is Pizza company that operates fast food reaturants in Prague.


Product patron of Franchise Club, it is Dallmayr - unussual coffee for every occasion

Product patron of Franchise Club is BERNARD Family Brewery, excellent producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers.


Product patron of Franchise Club is also Fornetti Bohemia, national franchise provider and the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the Czech Republic - sweet and savory pastries.

Product patron of Franchise Club is Fruitisimo - Number one on the market of quality icecream and fresh juice.




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