franchise consulting

In addition to education about and research in franchising, we offer business consulting services.

We provide advice in cooperation with our associated consulting firm FranKey - franchising consulting.

Frankey franchising consulting

Reference (part)

  • bauSpezi (D-I-Y)
  • DECOLAND (furniture, furnishings)
  • INDECO CZ (wardrobes made-to-measure)
  • JACQUES DESSANGE Praha (beauty salon)
  • JLV/PONT (convenience store)
  • KOMERČNÍ BANKA (financing)
  • MEXX REALITY (estate agency)
  • POMPO (toys)
  • POTREFENÁ HUSA (branded pubs)
  • PRAŽSKÁ PAROPLAVEBNÍ (boat restaurant)
  • PRAMEN CZ (grocery)
  • TIME OUT (fashion)
  • W.E.L.L. GROUP (convenience store)

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FranKey's offer

We provide businesses and entrepreneurs with professional franchising advice or arrange for such advice. We help apply franchising in the most effective way and, thereby, attain or retain the competitive advantage.

We offer these consultation services:

  • Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of readiness for franchising
  • Analysis and evaluation of marketing in the company
  • Preparation of a strategy for developing the franchising network and headquarters
  • Optimisation of know-how and its transformation into a franchising manual
  • Drafting of franchising agreements
  • Creation of a trademark and its use in franchising
  • Preparation of the franchising concept prospectus and web pages
  • Mediation of annual meetings of franchisees
  • Merchandising advisory
  • Seminars and training courses in sales communication

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